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Full text of "Minutes of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1857"

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October 22d, 23d, and 24th, 1857. 


E. F. WATSON, Standing Secretary. 


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October 22d, 23d, and 24th. 1857. 


E. F. WATSON, Standing Secretary. 


1 857. 

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Bethlehem, Thursday, Oct. 22, 1857. 

"The North Carolina and Virginia Christian Con- 
ference " met, pursuant to the adjournment of Conference last 
year, with the church at Bethlehem, Alamance County, N. C, 
in its Thirty-Second Annual Session. 

The body was called to order by Elder Alfred Iseley, President 
of last Session. 

Ministers Present — B. N. Hopkins, G. G. Walker, J. I. Hobby, 
Joseph Albright, R. G. Tinnen, W. N. Bragg, Alfred Iseley, 
James W. Wellons, Thomas Truitt, Alfred Apple, Solomon Ap- 
ple, S. G. Evans, Josiah McCuliey, and Thomas J. Fowler. 

Licentiates — Abner Apple, L. C. Madison, A. G. Anderson, 
D. T. Deanes, and Solomon Fuller. 

Ministers Absent — Ttios. G. Craven, H. B. Hayes, A. Franks, 
L. Lambeth, W. S. Jordan, M. Staley, J. E. Holt, William Rol- 
lins, J. M. Minnis, Anderson Craven, L. Utley, J. S. Swift 
T. E. Jeter, A. S. Nelson, and William M. Craven. Licentiates — 
J. Evans, M. Owens, A. J. Rich, J. Trolinger, and Isham Cagle. 

Conference was then organized by choosing Bro. A. G. Anderson, 
President j J. W. Hatch, Vice President ; Dr. E. F. Watson, 
Secretary, and R. D. Jones, Assistant Secretary. 

The following Delegates gave in their names from the following 
churches represented, viz : 

Apple's Chapel, Guilford Co. — Henry Apple, L. W. Clapp, 
and John Crismon. 

Bethlehem, Alamance Go. — Michael Tekel, Tobias Way nock, 
and L. L. Lambeth. 

Brown's Chapel, Moore Co. — Nicholas Nail and William 

Concord, Caswell Co. — John Garrison. 

Christian Union, Randolph Co. — Isaac Lawrence and Stephen 

Damascus, Orange Co. — Matthew McCauley and M. D. Strowd. 
Fuller's, Granville Co. — Solomon Fuller and John Ware. 
Good Hope, Granville Co. — John Moore. 


Elder B. N. Hopkins presented the following resolution : 

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to recommend 
a suitable course of studies to be pursued by those wishing to en- 
gage in the Christian Ministry. 

Discussed in the affirmative by B.N. Hopkins. S. Apple, A. 
Apple, J. McCulley, G. G. Walker, and J. W. Hatch ; and in the 
negative by J. W. Wei Ions, W. H. Boy kin, A. G. Anderson, 
W. N. Bragg, and Solomon Fuller. 

The vote was then taken upon said resolution, and it was lost. 

On motion of R. D. Jones Conference adjourned, subject to the 
call of the President. 

2 o'clock, p. m. 

Conference was called to order by the President. 

On motion of Elder G. G. Walker, the following were ap- 
pointed delegates to the next Annual Meeting of the Eastern Vir- 
ginia Conference, viz: Elders R. G. Tinnen, James W. Wellons, 
Solomon Apple, Thos. J. Fowler, G. G. Walker, Wm. N. Bragg, 
J. I. Hobby, A. Apple, and Bros. A. G. Anderson, J. W. Hatch, 
Dr. E. F. Watson, and Leonard Mabry. 

The annual address was then delivered by Dr. E. F. Watson. 

On motion of Elder R. G. Tinnen, that the next Annual Con- 
ference be held at Pope's Chapel, Granville Co., H. C, to com- 
mence on Thursday before the second Sabbath in October, 1858. 

The following resolution was presented by R. D. Jones : 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference be tendered to Dr. 
E. F. Watson for the excellent opening address delivered by him, 
and a copy of the same be solicited for publication. 

On Motion of Elder G. G. Walker, Bro. H. Boswell was re- 
ceived as an honorary member of this body from Liberty church , 
Caswell Co., N..C. 

On motion of Elder A. Iseley, a committee of three was ap- 
pointed to inquire into the statistical condition of the churches 
composing this Conference, for the purpose of ascertaining the 
number of delegates to elect to the next Southern Christian Con- 
vention. The following Brothers were appointed, viz : Elders A. 
Iseley, Josiah McCulley, and James W. Wellons. 

On motion of Dr. E. F. Watson, Conference adjourned to 7 
o'clock, to give way for a meeting of the Home Missionary 


■ 7 o'clock, p. m. 
Conference was called together, and the following Elders and Li- 
centiates made their ministerial and parochial reports, viz i 


Preached during the year forty-five times. Funeral sermons two. 
Married two. Received none. Baptized none. Temperance discourses, 


Preached fifty-seven times. Funerals seven. Members received six- 
teen. Married seven. Received $42.25. 


Preached thirty-six times. Held four quarterly meetings. Fune- 
ral sermons one. Assisted in the ordination of one deacon, and the 
administration of the Lord's Supper. Attended the meeting of two 
Sunday schools. 

Has labored with three churches ;. preached fifty sermons ; attended 
one Sabbath school at one of the churches ; preached four funeral 

Preached forty times, and offered fifty-five prayers in public. 


Reports that he has labored as much as he could, owing to his 
health not being good. Preached twenty-seven times, and labored 
with two churches. Owing to his situation in life and ill health, has 
been deprived from laboring as much as he desired. 


Preaches at seventeen churches. Preached one hundred and five 
sermons. Received seven. Expulsions none. Deaths none. Married 


Distance traveled thirty-one hundred miles. Sermons preached 
during the year one hundred and nineteen. Number of exhortations 
fifteen. Number converted one hundred and seven. Received to 
membership twenty-six. Baptized two. Preached six funeral ser- 
mons. Amount received $258.82. 


Preaches to four churches, and has labored at various other places. 
Traveled over two thousand miles. Preached sixty-five times. Bap- 
tized six. Married six. Amount received $126.00. 


Traveled three thousand eight hundred and eighty-five miles. 
Preached two hundred sermons Funerals twenty-three. Tempe- 
rance discourses sixteen. Converted on the circuit one hundred and 
seventy-three. Received into the church one hundred and forty. 
Baptized seventy-nine. Married three. Sabbath schools seven. Re- 
ceived $2^3.56. 


Reports, that owing to his peculiar circumstances, he had. not 
preached as often as he desired, and kept no account of his labors. 
The Sabbaths not spent at preaching have been in a Sabbath school, 
being one of the conductors. He expects that his opportunity will be 
better for the next year, and expects to labor more than the past year. 


Preached twenty-nine times. Attended seven sacramental meetings, 
or assisted in the same. Heard fifty-four sermons from other brethren. 
Traveled on foot to preach and hear preaching, four hundred miles. 
Received five members. Attended two Sunday ^schools. Married 
none. Funerals one. Lectures two. Baptized one. Received $10.30. 


^Churches two. Preached fifty sermons. Received some, (number 
not given.) Baptized some, (number not given.) Attended all the 
sacramental and protracted meetings in reach. 

Preached sixteen sermons. One funeral sermon. Exercised some 
in exhortation. Assisted in the superintendence of one Sunday school. 

The remaining ministers present made verbal reports. Their 
reports showed that an unusual degree of prosperity had at- 
tended the ministry of the Word, and that many had been added 
to the churches during the present year. 

Letters from the following churches were then read, viz: 
Pleasant Grove, Chatham Co. ; Acorn Ridge; Zion Hill; Apple's 
Chapel, and Pleasant Hill. 

The Committee on the Statistical Condition of the Churches re- 
ported that the number of members belonging to this Conference 
were the rise of thirty -six hundred, and that this Conference was 
entitled to eighteen members to the Southern Convention, nine 
elders and nine laymen . 

On motion of Elder R. Gr. Tinnen, Conference proceeded to elect 
delegates to the next Southern Christian Convention ; whereupon 
the following delegates were elected, viz: Elders Alfred Iseley re- 


ceived forty-five votes; Thomas J. Fowler forty-one ; Alfred Ap- 
ple thirty-nine ; G. G. Walker thirty-eight ; Solomon Apple 
thirty- eight ; W. N. Bragg thirty-seven ; Josiah Mc'Culley thirty 
six ; James W. Wellons thirty-five ; R. G. Tinnen thirty-two ; 
scattering forty-one. The above named brethren were declared 

The election of nine laymen was next in order, and while under 
consideration Conference adjourned to 9 o'clock to-morrow morn- 
ing. Prayer by Elder Wra. B. Wellons. 

Saturday Morning, 9 o'clock, Oct. 24. 

The Conference met pursuant to adjournment. Prayer by the 
President. Minutes of yesterday read and approved. The first 
business in order was the electing of nine laymen to the next 
Southern Christian Convention, which resulted as follows, viz : 
Alfred Moring received fifty-four votes; W. H. Eead fifty; Dr. 
E. F. Watson forty-nine; J. W. Hatch forty-nine; Hugh B. 
Gurthrie forty-four ; Harrison Harbor forty- two ; James M. Smith 
forty-one ; C. F. Faucette thirty-eight ; M. C. Winston thirty-six ; 
scattering seventy-three. 

The following was presented by Elder Alfred Iseley, and unan- 
imously adopted : 

Whereas we have learned that Joseph Murray, of Alamance 
County, N. C, has recently proposed to solemnize the rites of 
matrimony and attend to the ordinances of the church, under a 
license received from this Conference, we feel that it is our duty 
to state that Joseph Murray is not a minister, or a member of the 
Christian church, having joined the Baptist church in 1853, (or 
about that time,) at which time his name was erased from this 
Conference, and he withdrew from the local church, of which he 
was a member ; and we hereby declare that he has no connection 
with the Christian church, and no authority to officiate as a min- 
ister under any license received from this body. 

On motion of S. Apple, Conference was ordered to give Elder 
A. Iseley a renewal of his credentials as a Christian minister, he 
having the misfortune to have his former license consumed by fire. 

The Committee on the standing of the ministry made their re- 


Your Committee on the character and standing of the ministry, beg 
leave to report, that upon investigation they find all the Elders in 
good standing generally. We find all of our Licentiates in good 
standing except two. We are pained to report Br. Joseph Trolinger 


very remiss in duty, not exercising his gifts at all ; and we would re- 
quest Conference to take his case in consideration. We are also pained 
to report Bro. L. C. Madison for being abusive to his family, thereby 
destroying his usefulness as a minister. We find Br. Abner Apple in 
good standing, but a little remiss in duty as a licentiate. All of which 
is respectfully submitted. 

Alfred Moring, Chairman. 

On motion, the report was received and adopted, except the 
part of the report that relates to Bro. Trolinger, that was ordered 
to be rescinded, as his case was then in the .hands of the local 
church of which he is a member. 

On motion of J. W. Hatch, a committee of three was appointed 
to investigate the report against Bro. Madison. The following was 
appointed, viz : Elders A. Iseley, A. Apple and J. McCulley. 

Bro. Abner Apple gave an explanation for his negligence of not 
attending to his ministerial duties. On motion of B. N. Hop- 
kins, Bro. Apple was excused on condition of exercising his gifts 
more hereafter. 

The committee in the case of Bro. Madison made their report. 

Your committee in the case of Bro. L. 0. Madison, beg leave to re- 
port, that after patiently hearing the whole matter, we think that 
suitable confessions have been made, and a sufficient promise of a con- 
sistent and Christian life, by God's assisting grace, pledged. 

Signed in behalf of the committee. 

Alfred Iseley, Chairman. 

On motion, the report was unanimously adopted. 
The Committee on Education submitted the following report, 
which was read and adopted as a whole. 


While your committee feel deeply impressed with the importance of 
the subject of education, they are at an entire loss to know in what 
light to present the subject to this body. It is with much regret that 
we know that so little attention is paid, and so small an estimate 
placed on the subject of education by the mass of mankind. 

The committee regard an education as invaluable in every depart- 
ment of business life, but most important to ministers of the gospel, 
who are at once occupjdng the highest station of God's giving on 
earth, and most responsible among men, and whose labors are to tell 
more in time and eternity upon the weal or woe of man than any other 
class of beings. Men with one voice are loudly calling for educated, 
legal, medical and mechanical men, in short, for educated men in every 
department of business life. 


And whilst the above, in the opinion of your committee, is strictly 
true, we regret to know that hitherto no efficient plan has been, and 
from recent transactions of this body there is too much reason to fear 
that there will not be soon, if ever, a plan devised for educating our 
ministry, and elevating them to that high position among ministers of 
sister churches, which their holy zeal and Bible principles entitle 
them to. 

The age of prophesy, and time of qualifying men for ministerial 
duty miraculously, has passed away with the roll of years. Your 
committee hope Conference may devise some plan to relieve the Gra- 
ham Institute from its present embarrassed condition. 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

B. N. Hopkins, Chairman. 

On motion of A. Moring, Elder J. McCully was appointed to 
deliver the next annual address to Conference at its next annual 
session, and Elder Jas. W. Wellons his alternate. 

On motion of Dr. E. F. Watson, Conference adjourned subject 
to the call of the President. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference again convened. 

The committee on Sunday Schools made their report. 

Your committee on Sabbath Schools beg leave to seport that we 
are glad to hear of a goodly number of Sabbath Schools being success- 
fully conducted in the bounds of Conference. But we are pained to 
say, that many churches and neighborhoods are still destitute of the 
untold blessings of Sabbath Schools. We do therefore hope that all, 
(and especially every minister) will feel and act with that intense in- 
terest that the great importance demands. And whenever and at 
every place where it can properly be done, we will use our best en- 
deavors to organize an efficient and well conducted Sabbath School. 
Respectfully submitted, 

S. G-. Evans, Chairman. 

On motion the report was received and adopted. 

On motion of S. Apple Conference adjourned for a meeting of 
the Home Missionary Society. Conference adjourned to 7 o'clock, 

7 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference met agreeably to adjournment. Called to order by 
the President. 

The Committee appointed on Temperance made their report, 
and on motion it was unanimously adopted. 



We, the Committee appointed to report on Temperance, beg leave 
to present to this body as our sincere and honest conviction, that the 
manufacture, sale and use of ardent spirits as a beverage is an evil of 
such magnitude, that our influence as lovers of morality and relig- 
ion should be exercised against it. We regret that all do not see the 
subject in the same light that we do. We mourn over the fact, that 
many who are otherwise exemplary in their conduct continue the in- 
jurious practice of making, selling, buying and using intoxicating 
drinks. We would not sit in judgment upon the consciences of 
others, nor exclude from our fellowship all who differ with us on this 
subject; but we would advise all to examine the subject thoroughly, 
look at it in all its bearings, and, as they will soon appear in the pres- 
ence of the Judge, to act according to the dictates of reason, the teach- 
ings of the Bible, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

This question must be approached as a moral one — a Bible one — 
and the inquiry should be, does the spirit of the teaching of the Bible 
justify the manufacture, sale and use of ardent spirits as a beverage? 

In order that the Bible teachings on this subject may appear plain 
to all, we advise that all our ministers prepare and deliver one sermon 
on the subject, at all their regular preaching places ; and that they in 
the spirit of love warn all to turn from the pernicious practice, and 
give their influence in forwarding the great and glorious temperance 
reform. Respectfully submitted, 


Jas. W. Wellons, [• Committee. 
Matthew McOauley, j 

The Committee on Itinerancy made their report. 


Your committee on Itinerancj r beg leave to report as follows : 

Tar River Circuit. — Wm. M. Bragg, Itinerant, to preach at Pope's 
Chapel, Good Hope, Fuller's, Damascus, and Oak Level. 

Graham Circuit.' — Alfred Iseley, Itinerant, to preach at the follow- 
ing places, and amount pledged $272.50; Mount Zion $25 ; Union, 
Alamance co., $25; Zion Hill, Liberty, $10; Concord, $20; Burk's 
School House, $20 ; Park's Stand, $40 ; Barnum's, $2.50 ; Mount 
Bethel, $30 ; Western's School House, Vest's, $20 ; Fulp's, $25 ; Beth- 
lehem, $25 ; Shallow Ford, Apple's Chapel, $30. 

Haw River Circuit. — J. W. Wellons, Itinerant, to preach at the 
following places — amount pledged, $267 : Hank's Chapel, $90 ; An- 
tioch, $20; Zion, $27; Shallow Well, $50; Moore Union, $20; 
Christian Chapel, $40 ; Bethel, $20 ; Bell's, Pleasant Spring, $60 ; 
Jones' School House. 

Dan River Circuit. — B. N. Hopkins, Itinerant, to preach at flnion, 
Halifax co., Va., Reese's Chapel, Liberty Grove, Shilo and Sharon. 

Deep River Circuit. — R. G. Tinnen. Itinerant, to preach at Pleas- 
ant Hill, $40 ; Park's Cross Roads, $25 ; Pleasant Ridge, $15 ; Shilo, 


Randolph co., $25 ; Pleasant Grove, $25 ; Christian Union, $20 ; 
Shady Grove, $15; Brown's Chapel, 10; Acorn Ridge, $5; Salem, 
$20. Total, $205. 

Wm. H. Read, Chairman. 

The report was adopted, except Deep River Circuit. 

The remaining churches are under pastoral labors, and not re- 
quiring an Itinerant. 

The following resolution was offered by Elder S. Apple : 

Whereas much of the prosperity of Christians, South, depends 
upon the success of the " Christian Sun," and believing that its 
circulation may be increased in the borders of this Conference, if 
proper effort be made, we most earnestly recommend to all our 
Ministers and Lay-brethren to renew their efforts in its behalf ; 
and we heartily recommend it as an able exponent of the princi- 
ples of the Christian Church, and sympathize with Elder Wellons 
in his efforts to sustain it. 

On motion the above resolution was unanimously adopted. 

The Committee on the condition of Graham Institute made 
their report : 


Your Committee on the condition of Graham Institute beg leave to 
report that the Trustees of said Institute, at as early a day as possible, 
be requested to sell the same, and pay the outstanding debts against 
said Institute. Submitted, A. Iseley, Chairman. 

On motion of R. D. Jones, the report was laid on the table. 

On motion Brother D. T. Deanes was recommended to travel 
as an Itinerant on Graham Circuit with Elder A. Iseley, and 
Brother Solomon Fuller to travel with Elder W. N. Bragg on 
Tar River Circuit. 

On motion of A. Iseley the following were appointed a Confer- 
ence Committee for the ensuing year : P. R. Harden, John Fau- 
cette and Dr. E. F. Watson. 

The Committee on the Ministry and Ordination reported : 


The Committee report that after a prayerful, careful, and thorough 
examination, we are perfectly satisfied with the religious experience 
and call to the Ministry of Brother A. G. Anderson, recommended 
by the Church at Union, Alamance county, Brother D. T. Deanes, 
recommended by the Church at Mount Bethel, and Brother Solomon 
Fuller, recommended by the Church at Fuller's, and therefore recom- 
mend them as suitable persons to be received as Licentiates in the 
Conference, and license given them signed by the officers of the Con- 
ference, and their names enrolled as Licentiates. 

Respectfully submitted, Thos. J. Fowler, Chairman. 


On motion of S. Apple the report was unanimously adopted. 

On motion of B. N. Hopkins the Conference Committee be 
instructed to supply an Itinerant on Deep River Circuit. 

On motion of S. Apple that the meeting of next Conference to 
commence on Wednesday instead of Thursday was unanimously 

On motion of Dr. E. F. Watson the Secretary was instructed to 
have printed 750 copies of the Minutes of this Conference for dis- 
tribution among the churches ; and that the contributions sent 
up from the various churches to defray the expense of printing 
the same be paid over to the Treasurer of this Conference, and 
that the expense of printing them be paid out of the Conference 
fund. Adopted. 

On motion of G. G. Walker, Elders J. McCully and B. N. 
Hopkins were appointed to correspond with Elder j. M. Minnis, 
of Tennessee, and that they send him twenty-five copies of the 
Minutes of this Conference. 

Elder R. G. Tinnen presented a letter from the church organ- 
ized early last Spring, at Jones' School House, Wake co., N C, 
with twenty members. The petition was accepted, and the 
church unanimously received in Conference. 

The following resolution was presented by S. Apple, and on 
motion it was unanimously adopted : 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference be and are hereby 
tendered to the members and friends in the vicinity of Bethlehem, 
for the very kind and hospitable manner in which they have re- 
ceived and entertained the members of this Conference during its 
present session. 

On motion of Dr. Watson, the report of the Committee on the 
Graham Institute was taken up, when the following resolution 
was adopted : 

Resolved, That the Delegates to the Eastern Virginia Conference 
be instructed to confer with that body as to the best plan of re- 
lieving the Institute from its present embarrassed condition. 

The Conference then adjourned to meet at Pope's Chapel, 
Granville county, on Wednesday before the second Sabbath in 
October, 1858. Singing and prayer by Elder Thos. J. Fowler. 

A. G. Anderson, President, 
Jno. W. Hatch, Vice Pres't. 

E. F. Watson, Secretary, 
R. D. Jones, Assis't Sec'y. 


The Home Missionary Society of the North Carolina and Vir- 
ginia Conference met at Bethlehem, Alamance county, October 
24th, 1857. 

The meeting was called to order. Elder B. N. Hopkins, Presi- 
dent. Prayer was offered by Eider Solomon Apple ; after which 
the minutes of the last session were read. 

The annual election of officers was then announced as the first 
business in order. A. G. Anderson was elected President ; Dr. E. 
F. Watson, Vice President ; James A. Turrentine, Secretary, and 
Elder Josiah McCully, Treasurer. 

George G. Walker, Alfred Iseley, John Paucette, P. R. Har- 
den, and E. F. Watson, were elected the Executive Committee. 
Thos. J. Fowler, A. Moring, J. I. Hobby, H. B. Hayes, B. N. 
Hopkins, M. Staley, B. Stroud, A. Apple, R. D. Jones, J. W. 
Hatch, R. G. Tinnen, and P. M. Tuck, were chosen Directors. 

Five dollars was appropriated to pay for the printing of the 

The Secretary and Treasurer were directed to procure suitable 
books to record the names of the members of the Society in, to- 
gether with the proceedings of each meeting. 

On motion, the ministers connected with the Society were di- 
rected to take up a collection at each of their charges for the 
benefit of this Society, and report the amount collected to the 
President of the same. 

The Treasurer made his annual report. 


Amount received from the former Treasurer, - - $306 55 

" " " John Castlebury, - 5 00 

" " 11 Lucinda Anderson, - 5 00 

" " " James W. Wellons, - 5 00 

" " " Elias Macon, ... - 5 00 

" " " H. B. Farmer, - 5 00 

" " M Nasa Boon, .... 5 00 

" " " Susan B. Simpson, - 100 

" " " A. Iseley, .... 29 50 

" " " Union Church, - 8 85 

Amount in hand, $369 90 

Josiah McCully, Treasurer. 


Resolved, That the Executive Committee be required to employ 
a Missionary to preach at some of the destitute churches, and 
that Wilmington be recommended to their consideration. 

The following preamble and resolution was then adopted : — 
Whereas, In the Providence of God our beloved brethren, 
Bingham Apple and Robert M. Foust, two of the members of this 
Society, have recently been taken from us by death — therefore, 

Resolved, That whilst we bow with humble reverence to the 
will of God, the ruler of all, we most sincerely mourn their death, 
and pray that God may sanctify the painful dispensation of his 
Providence to the good of the living. 

The Society then adjourned, to meet at Pope's Chapel some- 
time during the session of the next Conference. 

A. G. Anderson, President. 
Jas. A. Turrentine, Secretary. 



The 15th volume of the "Christian Sun" will com- 
mence in April, 1858. It is published by the Southern 
Christian Association, at Suffolk, Va., and is devoted to 
Religion, Morality, Temperance, Literature, News, and 
the support of the principles of the Christian Church, 
South. It is issued every Friday, at the low price of 
$1.50 per annum, in advance. 

W. B. WELLONS, Editor. 

All communications should be directed to W. B. Wellons, 
Suffolk, Va.